Please let me know the detailed procedure to install Apache, MySQL, PHP and PHPmyAdmin on my system which is windows 7.
or post a link where the complete installation is given.

I do not need to work on XAMPP or WAMP or such kind of other softwares.

you can also tell me to install the above things on IIS instead of APACHE.

I would be very grateful

Gaurav Nagar

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Each of those has detailed documentation on installation and configuration. If you don't want to use a single install package like WAMP or XAMPP, you should be willing to take the time to read the install docs for each of them.

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Hi! @cwarn23 i've just try to do that, and I think all done fine. but i can't access .php file(s) on my htdocs directory.

in case I can access index.html properly but i got Forbiden Page when I access index.php.

any ideas?

sorry for my english and thanks ;)

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