Please let me know the detailed procedure to install Apache, MySQL, PHP and PHPmyAdmin on my system which is windows 7.
or post a link where the complete installation is given.

I do not need to work on XAMPP or WAMP or such kind of other softwares.

you can also tell me to install the above things on IIS instead of APACHE.

I would be very grateful

Gaurav Nagar

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Each of those has detailed documentation on installation and configuration. If you don't want to use a single install package like WAMP or XAMPP, you should be willing to take the time to read the install docs for each of them.

Can anyone give me the detailed description please

Hi! @cwarn23 i've just try to do that, and I think all done fine. but i can't access .php file(s) on my htdocs directory.

in case I can access index.html properly but i got Forbiden Page when I access index.php.

any ideas?

sorry for my english and thanks ;)

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