I have a new Windows 7 Ultimate 32-bit PC and I tried installing some games that seemed to be compatible with my PC when I checked their requirements on the internet.

I first tried installing Prototype 2. I've checked the minimum requirements here:
Installed and launched smoothly, but when the first scene comes up, it lags so much I can't even move my character properly.

Then I tried installing Assassin's Creed(the first one) here are the requirements:
It's minimum requirements are a lot lower than that of Prototype 2, but I still have the same problem.

I have 4 GB of RAM and the drivers and DirectX are all updated. Please check these screenshots too for more information about my PC specs:
and this one too,...

I think it's something with the NVIDIA dirver settings, or the RAM. I've heard there's something in Windows 7 32-Bit limiting the usable RAM, the performance bad even if the game is actually compatible with your system. I'm not sure of any of these though so please help, thanks!

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First thing I would do is check for infections. What security software have you got and have you scanned with it recently?


Skip infection checks... no way is that 8400 GS a gaming card. It is not anywhere near the min requ for Proto2...
But you have it; if you set the lowest graphics res your monitor can stand [640x] then you might get a playable framerate.
Might. It was only ever an entry-level card, was not as good as the card it was meant to replace.
"I have a new Windows 7 Ultimate 32-bit PC". New? I just checked, that card was new in 2007. Okay, it is this century, but you did well to find one. There should be no stock anywhere.

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