I have searched all over google to find a best book for PHP, and feel lost cause a lot of reference, and I can't even try different books at a time. I want to purchase a book on PHP which covers database, it should have a good availability in market, which guides any concept through examples, that used simple language and explain a topic in less words but in efficient manner. Whose contents start from a beginner/ low level and end up at advance/ high level. Can you please suggest me such a good book you know.

Thanks in advance.


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You can find some on SO

Personally I think wileys php for dummies is great.
As a tip if they use <? and ?> (short tags)
instead of <?PHP and ?> (full tags)
don't read it, it will confuse you alot later

Thanks to both for your reply but, still waiting for a proper answer..

you can try oreilly's book very help you and will cover all of what you need Click here

If your lookig for something that covers everything go to w3schools
It's not a book but it's free and easy to unerstand from beginners to advanced

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