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No, the expense was unwarranted, considering you could have used freely available forum software.

The site has very few members, no theme nor clear indications of purpose, and no content other than a small number of "Hello" type messages.

$85 seems an expensive way for a few friends to say 'Hello' when that could have been achieved for free!


Do you think vbulletin was worth $85 to me.

My site is...

<< url snipped >>

Well, thanks

vBulletin is worth every penny! You will feel its value in the long run.



PhpBB can be just as good, in some cases better, than VB with enough time spent on it.

I agree! However, I don't have time to completely re-write my code to make it robust and secure. I think I'd earn more by promoting and building my site with vB than waste my time hacking and securing my code.

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