Hello Friends,

I am looking for a web based music player which has functionality like these

1. Play/Pause button
2. Shuffle button
3. Repeat button
4. Search from playlist option
5. Volume Up/Down button
6. Next/Previous button

I am currently using wordpress to on my site & uploading sons through wordpress.

So if the player can scan all the mp3 files from uploads folder & its

sub-folders, it will be the best.
It will be ok if the player is free or paid.

Any Suggestions?
Thank You

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None of these 2 players has search features. I have checked these already before.
Thanks for your efforts.

How about flow or jPlayer ? You can see an implementation of the latter here: flowener


Thanks buddy, but that only a video player :(

Try with jw player.
I am already using it in one my website, there are vast modification you can do with it using javascript.

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