Hi All,

I am new to this community... (Hope i am placing my question in right place)

I want to generate a Quadrant Graph having (Ist IInd IIIrd and IVth)
Input will be x and y co ordinate values .
Output should be the plotted graph(x and y values plotted on the graph).

How to achieve this.

I 've checked many libraries like pchart, fusion chart, flash chart etc. but failed to get quadrant graph.


P.S.- I 've attached the image file (I want to generate graph like that)

Hi there, Although I've never done drawing using PHP, I've previously carried out research on the available graphing software around for PHP.
I am currently using one called FusionCharts which I feel is one of the best out there. You can plot data using XML, JSON or straight out of a database. There is good support and examples available through their website.

However, if your requirements are strictly based on drawing onto 'this' image then I'm afraid I will be unable to help.