Hello guys any one help me in joomla. i have a problem with create an article. A new article doesn't create with media file like video, audio, flash. etc....can any one help me......


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First of all, do you use the latest updated joomla software?

You should be able to embed video or sound clips on a page.

This is for Joomla v1.5.7 and the standard editor:

Create a new Article
Type whatever text you need etc.
When your ready to insert the video click on the "Insert/Edit Embedded Media" symbol next to the Smilie on the Menu
In the box that opens select Flash if your using Flash
Under that enter the you tube url link (like http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=videocodewhatever)
Then click on Insert and your done.

You can also install a plugin to make things easier for you, called Allvideos. Go to the extensions area of the joomla site and you'll find a link for it there.

Then, I am not sure if this post is in the correct forum, a moderator might shift it if not.

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