It seems like my hosting server does not support
inet activex control for whatever reason.
Is there any alternative to the inet control
to retrieve the contents of url I'm looking for?

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explain? ive never heard of inet activex before. if you want to send info through a url it request.querystring("id") would retrieve testing from test.asp?id=testing


this thread was from 2005, so i think its probaby solved ;)

I'm sure it must have been solved. Practically when we have an issue we search on the web, and we find sites which does not provide an answer. And some does. In time we manage to get it solved but we hardly think of taking time to save the others who had the similar issue.

In the future if some one searches for INET issue, they will be getting an answer from this page.

My grandfather planted many trees couple of years before he passed away (bless his soul), It took many years for those to grow, and he knew he will not see the fruits on his life time when he decided to plant. Hope you get my drift.


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