Hi all, I am new to the deployment,

Recently one of our web application (Right now we are using it as a intranet application) needs to be deployed at onsite (USA), can u please suggest what are all the necessary conditions to be full filled in general when an application goes to global

for example: Date and Time considerations and something like that

Our project mainly deals with the helpdesk support which includes all the system related troubleshootings

You just have to select domain name, and hosting plan (according to your webapp).

You just have to select domain name, and hosting plan (according to your webapp).

Can please please kindly explain to me in detail, as i was new to this,
first of all
1. our application is built in asp.net with C# with SQL database
2. Don't know how to deploy the application at first.
Upto today, we are publishing our application to a local server, where in that server, we installed sqlserver version and accessing it as intranet application from different locations in our country.

But right now it is going online (internet), so that it should be accessible to USA and some other countries like germany.

So, can u please help me what to do,

When going global, you would want to make sure localization is enabled, and create the proper language files to go with it. If your company has an internet facing web-server already, you won't need to host the site somewhere else, which would make your database connections easier.

Publishing globally and publishing to a local server are actually identical, just the server configuration changes is all. This is provided you have a local server that is being used as your global web server. If you have a hosted site, you'll need to contact them on specifics on how to connect, upload, and manage the site. If you have a SQL database already, then migrating it to a hosted site can be difficult at times, depending on the level of security the hosting company has.