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Al salam alyakom

What software I need to use to create an inside map..?

I am software engineering student in my final year and I would like to have some suggesting ideas for Graduation Project from you, professional and friendlly users. I‘m looking for new and creative ideas.

** I have some ideas & I need your opinion about them, Unfortunately I don’t have a tiny idea how to create them or what software I need to use..?

1) I’m thinking of exploiting the balsam screens all around my college to have a touch navigation with images ( or maybe I can use 3D to be more attractive) to guide new students and visitors inside the college.
I want this program to show building floors, directions and locations of (elevators, escalators, emergency exits, etc) and would be fantastic if it has a voice direction as well.
I have 2 months starting from this week to submit the graduation project. However, I just have this week to suggest and get approval of my graduation project idea.

I just want to add something, >> I never use 3D before, and the programming languages I studied are (VB, java,, HTML)

2) What about having such a messenger (MSN) for software students to discuss and share ideas..

Thanks in advance