just started out on php, kinda having problems configuring the language (php), the database server and the web server on windows 7. what could i not be doing right. I have edited apache's conf file to use php and stuff. One problem is that i have IIS running as the default web server and apache won't just come on even if i use differnt server name and port.assistance please.

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It sounds as if you are trying to manually configure everything but that is the hard way to do it. There are quite a number of packaged solutions that install the LAMP stack for you and synchronize everything together. You can get more info here.

You don't need IIS in order to develop and test PHP code. It would be simpler to take IIS out of the picture, at least when you are trying to run Apache. If you need to have IIS running at the same time (you should explain why) and that conflicts with Apache then maybe someone else can comment on that.

It's better if u use WAMP server and use all services in it....
or another option is to use netbeans....but with netbeans u have to install xampp server....
So i recommand u to use WAMP server which is easy to use and install.....

XAMPP Is a package with php apache cgi and many more XAMPP

You will need to turn off IIS in your system settings in order to get Apache to run.

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