Hello! i didnt know where to put this post but i know the PHP section is stuffed with cyber animals who loves to help ;)

I need to find a web host that does not police the file copyrights, that allows flash stream from website.
I am not interested in VPS / Dedicated

If you direct me to what i need i'll pay you 100$ right away via alertpay.com


Web hosts nowadays "police" copyrighted materials because they are sent "cease and desist" letters from lawyers or copyright holders. There's not but maybe a few foreign hosts that wouldn't pay attention to those letters. No host wants to lose their business over one customer.

If what you have to stream and deliver is that important to you, then take that reward money and buy a used computer, install a LAMP server, and use an IP service that allows you to host your own server at home. That way, the only person that the copyright holders are you and your internet provider and you keep everyone else out of harm's way.

I think that's the best advice I could give you. Either that or get written permissions from the copyright holders and then you could host anywhere. Just my 2ยข.