I have to submit a project this semester. I need some unique or new project ideas of making website using asp.net tool greatly involving database management. I googled but didnt get attractive ideas. I don't want to built online library management, ebanking or something like these. Can anyone share with me his ideas or post links...? Thanks a lot and sorry if I posted in wrong place. I got confused to post in either database or asp.net forum..

seems like social networking is going up and fast so you can implement a small part of this with .net .. just an idea

Mapping and spatial data is hot at the moment - may be there's something there

You can use E-News Updater in your project and use for this Repeater control is the best in .Net.
Just put Repeater control in Marquee and Upload News form database or Admin part. Bind Id if news with repeater control and then it shows the whole detail in next page. Just Like YahooNews.