Hello Guys,

we just created a website using sharepoint 2010 and we implemented a booking system inside this website.

we used a bamboo calender plus webpart as a booking system. now getting to the problem. there is a link inside this webpart where we click to enter new item(equipment booking).

a window like this will appear

this will work perfectly in internet explorer and chrome... when it come to firefox if i click on new item, this will not get me anywhere and the window will not open.
please check picture below.... i only can see the link in the status bar but with no action i keep click on it but nothing happened. so no trigger !


now i try to seek a debugger for firefox. i tried firefox on opensuse and returned this console error


i tried to search for this file but i can't find it, am bit worried that this file belong to the webpart and its not open source so i can't modify the contents.(Maybe)
anyhelp will be appreciated !
ps: this is an intranet site.

thanks in advance


The error message makes me suspicious that FF doesn't like the javascript: url.

I guess you're using :

<a href="javascript:Newitem2(...);">...</a>

Whereas I'm not aware of FF having a problem with this construction, you might like to try:

<a href="#" onclick="Newitem2(...);return false;">...</a>

Even better, attach your event handlers in javascript rather than in the HTML.

onload = function(){
  var link = document.getElementById("myLink");
  if(link) {
    link.onclick = function(){
      return false;
<a href="#" id="myLink">...</a>

May have no effect at all but worth a try.