I have a Formview that allows a user to update any combination of 80+ fields. I need a formView so that I have control over the position of the fields on the page. Regads updating, my idea was to get the NewValues (from FormViewUpdateEventArgs), then create an xml string that contains all the updates, then pass the xml to an update stored proc that takes the xml, parses it, and udpates the fields accordingly. The formView uses a SQLDataSource with only one update parameter called 'UpdateXml'
Problem is, when I have the fields bound (e.g. <%# Bind("SomeField") %>) then all the fields seem to get passed to the update stored proc (even though I have one UpdateParameter. Also, if I unbind the fields (i.e. '<%# Eval("SomeField") %>'), then I cant get the NewValues from FormViewUpdateEventArgs in order to create the xml.
I know I could pass all 80 parameters a stored procedure that takes 80 or so parameters, but would like to use the XML approach.
Can anyone suggest a better approach, or help with my existing problem.