I'm working with sql server and ado.net datasets.Is there a way the dataset can be paged to the client for local access without contacting the server.If this is not possible how does one post back to the server from the client say in javascript after client side events like onclick.thanks guys.

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It is possible to call do a postback to the server from javascript using "__doPostBack()", but it would be basically the same as using a server control to create the postback. Another option might be to use javascript/jquery to make a call to a page webmethod.

Some info on __doPostBack

Could you provide a little more information on what you're trying to accomplish?

you can send the data set as an arrays from client side to server and use them in DOM concept see the below links at



you can access this data at script tags at the page load , even you can access the GridView and other asp.net controls from the client side using DOM . The common method
document.getElemntById is a common one you can search it and discover and discover its amazing capabilities

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