Hello, I have been learning php stuff for the last few days. Recently, I have learned how to allow user registration, and I have made this simple voting code that allows people to "like" or "upvote" something on my site.

The way the site is set up is there is a list of songs and anyone can upvote songs they like. (The site is at rbnstuff.com) I have not set up user registration on the site, yet, but I know how to do it. (I've done it on another test site I have)

Anyways, I would like help with making it so only users can vote (I think I can figure that out), but make it so they can only vote once (I have no idea how to do this, and I've been Google-searching a lot).

Each song has an id, song title, artist title, and a bunch of other stuff (in a database)
and each user has an id, name, username, and password.

I am really new at this, so I am hoping someone can teach me how to do this rather than just giving me a code (because I probably wouldn't know what to do with it). Any help is greatly, GREATLY appreciated.

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You need to set up a votes table:


To find the number of upvotes you just use COUNT in your SELECT sql for a particular song id. You stop a user voting by checking whether or not they exist in the table already for that particular song id.

So is this table going to be separate from the users table and song table that already exist?

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int - they will 'relate' to the user_id in the users table and the song_id in the songs table

Okay, I have the table made. For the record, I am doing this on my test site, so instead of "songs", I'll be dealing with "news" (and then when I know how it's all gonna work, I'll be able to figure it out for the songs. So I made the table with news_id and user_id.

EDIT: And I'm doing this partially because I already have a news table with plenty of entries and a few users.