Hi all,

I've problem with this code:

With MenuNavCatDataSource
  Dim xReader As Data.IDataReader = .Select(DataSourceSelectArguments.Empty)

  If xReader.Read Then
    MenuNavCat1.Text = xReader.Item("MenuCategoryName")
    MenuNavCat2.Text = xReader.Item("MenuCategoryName")
    MenuNavCat3.Text = xReader.Item("MenuCategoryName")
    MenuNavCat4.Text = xReader.Item("MenuCategoryName")
    MenuNavCat5.Text = xReader.Item("MenuCategoryName")
  End If
End With

I've 5 label and I want to parse the content of the label from the database. The database contains menus ordered from 1 to 5. And I want to show it on: - 'MenuNavCat1' label, menu with order number 1 on database, - 'MenuNavCat2' label, menu with order number 2 on database, and so on...

How to add where statement to the code, just like 'WHERE OrderNo = 1', and so on..?

Need your help guys..

Thank you so much.

Additional Info

Here is the database:

Table MenuNavCategory

| Column Name  |  Data Type   | 
 | MenuNavCatID |  int         | 
 | CategoryName |  varchar(20) |  
 | OrderNumber  |  int         |

And there is some value inserted to the table. I want to show the 'CategoryName' onto some label. For example:

lblCat1 | lblCat2 | lblCat3 | lblCat4

Then, using that xReader.Read, store the value on the database onto that label based on the OrderNumber...

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