Hi I have recently been facing a difficut issue.I think some one is attacking my website.
I have attached the jpg image of the failure and its happening on a daily basis .I upload the site and for some hrs its just cool but suddenly i get this error.
I suspect some one is playing with me.I dont have that javascript thing on any of my pages .infact I dont use javascript at all.Can somebody help me whats happening and if there is a way to secure my site.


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why is that nobody is replying to my question ?

Yes, you do use javascript - assuming the thefpl.co.uk URL in your image is your site. You have what looks like Google Analytics code but you have it in the header. It normally goes at the bottom of the page, right before the <?html>. I'm not sure if incorrect placement causes an error though.

Below that, unless I'm on the wrong site, you have _postback javascript too.

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