i want to do an e-shop page in microsoft visual web developer 2010 !!! I use a ASP.NET web application !!! i want to put some pictures inside the web developer and change the backgrounds !!! sorry for my bad english because i am from greece !!!

Greek people must like exclamation marks!!!! Just kidding :)
Are you asking for help because you are having trouble with part of it or do you not know how to begin?

Hi by the way your english is not that bad, so relax!!Your question is kind of vague;'want to put some pictures into visual web developer'.backgrounds of what are u changing?The application you're building will run on a server and the interface will be a web browser(firefox,opera etc).Visual web developer is just a tool known as an IDE(integrated development environment) to help you in building the apllication through the tools it provides including the .net framework.Okay end of nerdy stuff!!

The best way to manage pictures is to store them on a directory(folder) in your application then store the picture names in a database table .You then query the database to retrieve the pictures you want and display them in html image tag

<img src="path to image" alt""/>

.Like i said earlier this stuff is a bit complicated. first get your programming up to speed if you're serious about this project.