Guys ,

I have some questions

1) lets say that im developing a site using VS 2008 , how do i use sql server 2005 as the database
2) I have using MS-ACCESS as the database before and it was easy , all had to do was to create a .mdb file in APP_data folder!! now how to do it with SQL
3)Is it like rightclick on "data connections" in server explorer and create a sql server database in app_data folder or is there a different way that i should follow??
4) why is sql server management studio used for ?

Thanks in advance

Using SQL 2005 with VS 2008 is the same as using any other database, set your connection string correctly and your fine.
Generally with SQL you have an instance of the SQL server installed. I'm not actually sure if simply including a SQL database file will work the same way a .mdb will.
SQL server management is used for controlling your SQL server. You can create, edit and query tables, manage users, etc - everything you would need to do with a database server.


ok now when u say"sql server installed " what do u mean!! the sql database ll be stored in "app_data" folder rite ??

No, you will need an instance of sql server installed on the machine that accesses the sql database file. Placing a database file in your app_data won't do anything as nothing on the computer will be able to read it - its like trying to play a movie file without the correct codec.
You can always install a copy of SQl Express (which is free) or SQLlite with your application.

Ok but im still confused when u say "instance of sql server installed on comp" what do you mean !! and where ll be the database file be placed ?

The database file can be placed anywhere (the data folder of the SQL Server install is the default) but you need a copy of SQL server on the computer to be able to use the file. As I said before, without an actual SQL server available the SQL file is useless. Its the same as trying to open a .xls file without a spreadsheet application - it doesn't work.