I have finished doing PHP from w3schools in about a week.Here are the topics that were covered.
PHP Basic
PHP Syntax,PHP Variables,PHP String,PHP Operators,PHP If...Else,PHP Switch,PHP Arrays,PHP While Loops,PHP For Loops,PHP Functions,PHP Forms,PHP $_GET,PHP $_POST

PHP Advanced
PHP Date,PHP Include,PHP File,PHP File Upload,PHP Cookies,PHP Sessions,PHP E-mail,PHPSecure E-mail,PHP Error,PHP Exception,PHP Filter

PHP Database
MySQL Introduction,MySQL Connect,MySQL Create,MySQL Insert,MySQL Select,MySQL Where,MySQLOrder By,MySQL Update,MySQL Delete,PHP ODBC

The site covered only the very basics of all these topics.
Now that I am through with them,I want to know how I should procede further if I want to learn things in a systematic manner and in the proper order.
What things should I learn now and from where?
I know I can google it ,but Google doesn't really tell how good a website is and why.
Sites I am aware of :

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anonymous55, you are already learning the best way by asking thru this forum.

keep it up

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