I know it is possible to do so ...

But I'm wondering how it can be done... is there any direct php source or html source code for words plugin or whatsoever?

From the sources that I've been wandering around google so far is only viewing ....

Or maybe theoretically I'm just gonna create a flash file and plug into the php or html..?

Any suggestion or any source code ?

Thanks in advance :)


this is more a question regarding the browser capabilities. PHP creates "something for the browser" to interpret, but it does this on the server side.

I am not aware of any kind of technology that would allow to mix PDF / Word / Excel simultaneously inside HTML. As everything runs through the browser there are of course some scripting technologies (VBscript, Javascript, Flash) that can be used on the client side.

If you want to add a few small data items to a predefined document, you can use the COM class and embed the Word / Excel doc on the server. This is not easy and straight forward though as it requires a Windows based server with Office installed (which is not the typical case) and it requires some tweaks to the web server permission system especially on Windows Server 2008 or Vista or Windows 7. The reason is that office apps require a screen to work and the web server process typically does not have access to a desktop context on Windows.


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