I have my web application up and running on my production server. It uses a form for logging in. But there is a little problem with some usernames that we working fine previously and suddenly stoped working. When these users try to log in the server reports that the user name were not found! When I check their information on my sql membership and users tables, I see that their records are already there.
While this problem happens to thise users, others still log in the same web application with no problem.
To create the login for, I just used a log in control in Visual web developer 2010 and added no code.
Can anyone help me to resolve this problem?

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Lots of moving pieces here. This most likely makes me think its a permission issue connecting to the database, but might not be.
Can you make sure your connection string is connecting as a single user to the database with the same host, regardless of the logging in user?
Any mysql errors or exceptions you are getting, other than user name not found?

I have found the solution to this problem.

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