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guys i need help in converting WORD documents to PDF using a reference com object , i dont want to automate MS word on server , there's "itextsharp" but i dono how to convert files using that , 1 great reference lib is from subsystems , but it costs too much , i need help regarding this issue

thank you

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You could use something like bullzip (http://www.bullzip.com/products/pdf/info.php) that allows you to print to PDF (sets up a Windows printer that you can print to, but instead, creates a PDF).

Otherwise, third party library.

ABCpdf - it's a PDF component designed for use with ASP.NET. Creates and manipulates PDF documents directly, without going through a printer driver. So, you won't get any unexpected messages popping up and blocking your ASP.NET application.

The following example is written in C# and shows one way you can convert a Word document to PDF:

Doc theDoc = new Doc();

The Doc.Read() method also allows you to specify which ReadModule to use. Although Microsoft don't recommend server-side scripting of Office, ABCpdf can additionally make use of Office or OpenOffice as helper applications if they are installed, but does not rely on these.

The component works for 30-days as a free trial period. There's also a free single license for the standard edition on offer :-)

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