My webpage is opening on many urls ex: http://www.cmpsol.net/acer-support.aspx and it is also opening on http://www.cmpsol.net/acer-support.aspx/hp/rss/dell-support.aspx and many you can after .aspx , it will open.
currently i have made a permanent redirect to main url. i want show it as error pages.

So how can i fix the issue?


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If I understand you correctly, you wish that your users will always access your site through the root page?

In otherwords, if they have put a page further into your site into the browser URL you will direct back to the root page?

I would create a session variable on your root page probably with a value of True then on each of your other pages the first thing I would do is to check for the session variable and that the value is True if not, redirect to your root page.

Can you clarfy the process your are trying to implement?

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