Hello i want to include searching from internet(World wide web) in our website how its possible in Asp.net using c# ...?

kindly send me source code or helpfull material as soon as possible ...

thanx in advance......

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i want to display websites link in my website not in google page.


ok but i using localhost .. i making the project....i have no url so that is not useful for me.....


Ok, I guess you didnt look into the link I provided with regard to the custom search engine. If you investigate it in more detail, you will find that it can run within a local project as well. All you do is add JavaScript code to your page.

I have it running on an Internet page as well as my local development system. If you site is already indexed by Google, the CSE will display results from your site. In addition, you can configure the CSE to display results from all domains, some domains, or only your domain. The results can be formatted and the script can be nicely used in your code so that the results page integrates perfectly with your theme. Alternatively, if you prefer, you can have the results page look just like google's result page. Its 100% customizable.

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