Guys i was trying to make some changes in the default project file. I am making a modal dialog box for login with the help of a video on youtube (click on the link for that video) in

Now here is the problem. I took the guidance of that video but display of the dialog box in video is not that way on my site. Below are some problems occuring

  1. Close Button on the dialog box do not appear (When you mouse over and click on that area below Basic modal dialog title as shown in my image1 it closes the dialog box). Also it expands the little bit when you mouse over it.
  2. When you click on the Log in Button the Background text gets disappear. Look at background of Dialog box image1 (Textual below my menu is disappeared).
  3. In image2 you will see "Horizontal bar and Vertical Bar appears"(Marked in red).
  4. Also in image2 you will see white lines, that area is extended when you click on login.

How to solve this problem?
I also wanted to add some stuff which is in this demo.

I would appreciate if you help me guys.

do you have a link for your page?