I have got a message box that is displayed when a database is successfully updated.
my problem is when it displays the msgbox it is behind the browser.

how can i make it so it is displayed on top of the browser?

can i also get it to run a command when the 'OK' button is pressed?

Thanks in advance!


is it a vb.net msg box or a script to show the window.alert("")

it's a vb.net message box

msgbox("Password successfully changed",,"Attention")

if so then to run a command when the 'OK' button is pressed u can do the following

  If MsgBox("Password successfully changed", MsgBoxStyle.OkCancel, "Attention") = MsgBoxResult.Ok Then
  'some action
  'some acction
  End If      

since it is a web browser ur msgbox is client side and the window.alert will be for the server side....
try using server side msgbox...

sorry for my ignorance, how do i use a server side msgbox?