Please anybody help me out in installing gearman php extension on windows xp. I have xampp 1.7.7 installed on my system and i have installed Cygwin, libevent-1.4.14b-stable and gearmand on my system. Please let me know what more is needed to install gearman-1.0.2 php extension. As when i run the gearman-1.0.2 on cygwin terminal throwing error of command not found.

Can you paste the code are you using? Have you tried to run the gearman job server?
You need to write something like:

gearmand -j 5 -v -l usage.log

you can also increase verbosity by adding up to five v -vvvvv. Besides, gearman suites better on linux, if you need to use Windows than give a try to RabbitMQ.