I want to do Medical transcription practice at home but it can be worked only in Windows XP Professional. I have installed Windows 7 earlier. Now I have uninstall Windows 7 and installed XP Professional. But I want to install Windows 7 also for my other works. Can I install both Windows XP Professional & Windows 7 together. If so, how is it possible? Please suggest me. I feel I am missing Windows 7.

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just make sure XP is installed before you install W7. the bootmanager of W7 can handle XP, not the other way around.

And it would also be best if you installed them on different drives.


Rather than setting up a multi boot system, I'd recommend that you install windows 7 as the hist, then install a virtualization app such as virtualBox. You can run windows XP as a guest VM. This is a much simpler approach. You can run both OSs at the same time and when you are done with your VMs, its as simple as deleting the guest VM files.

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Excellent suggestion.

... install Windows 7 as the [host], then install a virtualization app such as VirtualBox.

Excellent suggestion.

With a VM like VirtualBox there's no need to mess around with creating separate partitions, adding additional hard drives, or configuring boot managers. No need to shutdown one OS in order to use the other.

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Use vmware, preferably latest with vmware tools also installed. You can install in XP & virtualise Windows 7. Keep the Win7 image in Non-OS drive and with around 20 GB space for the virtual machine. Keep the virtual machine with multiple files; so you can keep a copy in pen drive also for backup purpose. Virtual box is not good choice. VMWare allows all removable drives & peripheral to connect with virtual machine.


It's not a good idea to install XP as the host at this time. In a out 10 mo the XP will be out of support. A Win 7/8 is a better choice as the host.


I want to do Medical transcription practice at home but it can be worked only in Windows XP Professional.

Could I ask why you're limited to Windows XP Professional?

Is the problem is a software compatibility issue, and have you tried running your application under the Windows XP compatibility mode?

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