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OK so I made a website now code is displayed in <table class="code"> my friend said I should use <pre> because pre is for code/preformatted text. Now I use a CMS and the data is stored in a table. The content is stored in a column call pText. Is there any easy way I can change <table class="code"></table> with <pre class="Code"></pre> ?

Also if there is it should not effect other tables already made.

Is it possble, I do not want to edit 60 pages manually.

I am using SQL Server Comptact.

I guess it's more professional having code in <pre> and should take less time to load page then <table> tag.

If you want to give a <pre> look to it just alter your table CSS rules to include a fixed width font like courier. Then the font will mimic your standard 'code as text' look.

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Yeah I could do that but wouldn't the table take more time to load a webpage that's what I am worried about. If you actually go on my website you cans see sometimes the table tag also has a lot of <divs> and other code which is really uncessarry, could it be a big problem as my mate says? lol....

Using a CSS font rule doesn't come with a particulary large hit in processing time (web fonts excluded). It isn't really an issue. The browser can cope with rendering the HTML tags. It maybe a sign that your design can be improved but speed won't be affected too much.