i want to display data from my mysql database using asp.net and i am using datagrid.
i have set up the configuaration well, but when i load the page it doesnot show the data.
pleaase help.

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Show us some code and then we can help, otherwise we're flying blind.
Although, if you you debug your code and examine the data source after it has extracted the data from the database, (your dataReader, dataSet, etc) does it have rows of data in it? That will help you know whether the data extraction is the problem or the steps for displaying it on screen.

You're working in connected or disconnected mode.? Need more details. For Better help I'll suggest you to post that part of code here.

If it's not showing the data then the configuration is probable not quite as "well" as it needs to be. But without any code it's going to be impossible for anyone to help you.

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