I am new to web servers and I wondered If I can host my own web server. I'm thinking of making a forum using ASP.net but still not sure if that was the right language. Can any one help tell me if it is possible to host my own server and wether ASP.net is the right language for forums ?

hello amrReflection,

If you are considering to implement a web server that you will host on your own, you may want to consider a few things....

The first thing that comes to mind is that you should consider that you will need more than one server. Your customers are going to expect a certain level of service. With one server, it will be difficult for you to provide a highly reliable, fault-tolerant solution. If that server fails you'll have some frustrated users.. You'll also need a highly available internet connection. A typical consumer-based DSL/cable line is not going to cut it. Your upload speed (which is your visitors download speed) is generally limited.

You may want to consider hosting your web application with a provider. You can start with a shared hosting solution for a few dollars per month. as your web app grows, you can move it to a more dedicated solution. Hosting providers have already invested in a fault tolerance, highly available solutions starting with multiple datacenters, redundant power, network equipment, high speed internet connections, servers, etc..

With regard to a forum solution, whether it be asp.net or another language is up to you. If you do a search, you find several forum solutions that are actually free for you to download and install. There are others that you will pay for. In most instances, forum software is relatively inexpensive.

good luck...

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