I have a form that has a dropdown list with all the ID's of a particualr table in my database what i want to do is whenever the user selects a particular ID the remaining fields along with the id selected are loaded in a listview.


this dynamic list view must also allow the user to edit any filed execpt the ID field.

if anyone can point in the direction of a tutorial or a video reference i would be grateful......any other suggestions would be welcomed

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How are you loading the data for your listview? Are you going to be using a datasource control, such as a SqlDataSource or EntityDataSource? Or are you going to be setting the datasource in your code behind somewhere? Will the ListView always display the same columns? It would help some to see what code you have so far and maybe someone could point out where you're going wrong.

i am setting the code from behind....i have my list view up now but i cannot figure out how to edit and update it.

Have you defined the EditTemplate in the ListView? Providing some code would probably help so we can see what's going on. Are you getting any errors?

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