Hi Guys,

i have three textboxes the first 2 should only allow users to enter numeric values (0-9) and decimal eg (5.2 , 5.5)

the third textbox should allow the first three characters entered to be YUP followed by numeric values only. eg YUP453 or YUP439.

Can anyone provide me a reference on how to do this? or what i should be looking to do this?

I'd use a FilteredTextBoxExtender from the AjaxControlToolkit.

For the YUP control, if it's always going to have YUP at the front then just limit them to putting in the numeric part of it and you can add the YUP to it.

the filteredTextBoxExtender might not work because the first three characters must be strings, which must be entered by the user. Following the 3 characters must be any number of digits.

eg : YUP9999, KIL091, KIQ222