how much dynamic a template could be ? dynamic , in terms of modifications !!
e.g i purchase a template for my website and further i want to modify it for my own satisfaction and requirements ? that how much it could be modified ? At large extent ? or restricted ?

What kind of template are you talking about? Is this for some sort of content management system or something else?

i m working on ONLINE JOB PORTAL !!!

Your response still doesn't make sense with regard to

In any case, if you have access to the HTML and code, any restriction would be spelled out in the terms that you agreed to.

No, because the design and source code is most likely copyrighted.

That is just theft, you need to have a written agreement with the owner and you need to follow the terms that you agree to then.

yes yes ....i know that but i m talking about technical aspects ......
mean that editing a website (dwnldd via HTTRACK) is same to editing a template ? ? ?
technically !!!

If you could use full sentences it may help us a bit more, I am finding it difficult to understand what you are trying to say.

Editting an entire website is NOT the same as editting a template, a template shall most likely come in the form of HTML and CSS only.
If you have the rights, you would then be able to add your own content onto that template such as PHP to load dynamically from a Database, or JavaScript for animated buttons and Client Side content.

If you downloaded an entire website to use as a template, you would have a LOT of code that you don't need/won't be suitable for your own site.

Whether you download the site, or use a template you shall still need written permission from the owner.

IS that what you are trying to get at?

thanks mate !!!
got it !!!
Question solved !!!