i want to put likes button in my website, yet its running on LOCALHOST (IIS).
e.g FACEBOOK like button in showing likes , google+ button etc.
how ?

You can add social networking buttons using a variety of methods. For example, you can simply add images that you acquire from their sites and create links back to your profile pages.

Or, if you want to add, for example, Facebook Like, Send, Recommend buttons, you can grab pre-written code that you can get from their dev site: http://developers.facebook.com/

Additionally, what a lot of web developers do, is just sign up with a social sharing service such as addthis.com, or sharethis.com. You can customize the buttons and they track clicks and shares on your site.

@jorgem: ok dear but is it runnable on LOCALHOST ? or need a live server ?

running a webserver on your machine, or as you are referring to it, localhost, is a live server. The only difference here is that you are using it mainly for development or you are trying to keep out external traffic.

The social buttons are not dependent on that. The way the social/share buttons work is that when a user clicks, the information is sent to the social sites' servers. So as long as you have Internet connectivity between your local server and the target servers, the social buttons should work.

@jorgem : ok i am trying tointegrate it !!!
thanks mate !!! u help alot , always !!!

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