Hello Everyone,

I am encountering errors when browsing the web application. When a single user is login, all in all is fine, inserts and updates command execute fine as well as reading the data. When 2 or more users are log, the application displaying random error messages like the pagers, controls, modals and update panels has been created or multiple ids are being used.

The contents of the application is dynamically created using Html generic controls from the tables to controls. The database connection reads from the web.config and just created a function executing SQL statement.

Looking forward for your replies.

Thanks in advance

Can you provide any error messages?

Thanks for your reply. Here is the list of errors encountered. Also, we are using Ajax Controls to place the Html Generic Controls.

Multiple controls with the same ID 'Name of Pager'. Find COntrol Requires that the controls have unique IDs

Cannot unregisters UpdatePanel with the ID 'Name of ID' since it was not registered with the scriptmanager.

The TargetCOntrolID of 'Name of Id' is not valid. A Control with ID 'Name of ID' could not be found.

Multiple controls with the same ID 'name of pager' where not found'. FindControl requires that controls have uinique ID.

Check your code. As the messages indicate, your controls all need to have unique id's. It looks like you did not provide any.