i m working in job portal ,i want to add progress bar percentage increase with updation of jobseeker profile
.please any give me any solution fo this problem

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The first idea which comes to my mind is to add one column (ie. ProfileCompleteness) in the "User" table, with percentage value. Determine which steps earn how much percents.
And update that percentage value as long as user completes his profile.

Create one square element on the page, which lenght is depending on given value, so it is updated on the same time when it gets new value form database. (progressbar)

For displaying calculated result use this tutorial: http://gugiaji.wordpress.com/2012/07/04/using-asp-net-backgroundworker-to-create-progress-bar/


If you have some code that you are working with and are having trouble, post the real vent code so we can help you.

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