hi i made a search but couldn't find a satisfied answer. any ways let me ask the question. as there are many freinds on facebook, twitter at social sites. and many other at gmail, yahoo and hotmail etc. now what i want is how to invite all the friends or contents using php????
please help me in this regard.

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please give me the API link for gmail,yahoo n hotmail

If you goto google (or your favorite search engine) and type gmail API, ymail API, hotmail API, Facebook API etc etc it's the first search result that comes back it's not diffacult to find

thnx GliderPilot

use their API. it's in every social networking site :D

AND they all come with perfect sample code :)

i couldn't find the link for APIs' for gmail, yahoo and for hotmail.
please help me in this regard :)

thnx GliderPilot its a great help from you..thanx a lot :)

Please mark as solved, thanx.

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