I am not really experienced with asp.net so forgive me if this is something simple.

What would be the best option to have a calendar on your webform(as popup)?
I already have a windows application for making appointments(used by secretary, so its a offline program).
But now i want to add a online version also.
The majority is simple, login needed and enter all required details.
Offcourse it needs to use the same database as the offline version.
This offline program stores all the data on a mysql database.
And the calendar on that one is made with textboxes which are filled in on the load.

I am probably forced to do something similar for this webform.
Though i am not sure if this will look very clean.
Made a few attempts, but i am not really convinced.
So this is why i am posting this.

Something i forgot to mention.
My offline calendar form displays from 8AM to 8.30PM each appointment has 30minutes avaialble.
There is a enite week visible on the form.
And i use a back and forward buttons to move around including calendar control to move bigger steps.