I am asked to submit my assignment at the end of the day. I have done all the designing part except for the XML-List part. I have no idea how to do it as I'm really new to XML. Here is my assignment. Any help or direction to the right path would be highly appreciate.

The Assignment

01.BizyCorp needs to maintain the following information related to its clients.
(a) Client ID
(b) Name
(c) Address
(e) Contact information (fixed phone,fax,e-mail,mobile phone)
(f) Products sold
(g) Client category

02.The products are as follows
(a) SEO website
(b) Procedure Selector
(c) Patient Forms

03.Client categories are as follows;
(a) Dentists
(b) Dermatologists
(c) Gynecologists
(d) Chiropractors

Both categories and products should be expandable.

You are required to develop an application with PHP and MySql/XML to maintain the clients data and
to provide a web service to get access to clients, products & categories as an XML list to be used by
other applications through a URL.

You are not required to develop scripts to maintain the Categories & Products.

However it needs to be available for creating new clients and the web service.

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