What are the effective Strategies to rank a site in Search Engine.

Use unique content and unique images on your website and generate quality links and use appropriate keywords. This Strategy only will help you.


Atechnocrat web Solution

The number of postin can help the cause

  1. Always use unique and fresh content.
  2. Using high pr dofollow submission sites.
  3. Some good off page seo techniques are below
    forum posting
    blog commenting
    article posting
    yahoo question answering

Do not try to over do, otherwise, people get frustrated of the posts


Google now a day making lot of changes in algorithm very frequently, So we need to tack care about the quality of the links. So now the most effective techniques to increase the ranking and traffic is quality and unique content. We have to avoid copied content.

Also need to avoid unnatural links, try to get back links from quality website.

Hope you understood and will be useful to you.

Hello, Thanks everyone for your support. Ofcourse content is always fresh and unique. And i'll try these methods for my website.

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