Hey everyone.
I've had trouble with IIS. When I try to run an ASP page, IIS gives me an error message that there is no handler attached to the file extension. The version is IIS 7.5. Does anyone perhaps know what the problem can be? Or can anyone please recommend another server I can use for ASP because it's a pain to upload an ASP to the web everytime I want to test it. I am currently using WAMP server for PHP but it seems it can't parse ASP.
Any advise please? I'm still new with ASP, so I'm not sure.
Thanks in advance for any help I might receive.

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Please validate whether you are trying to run ASP or ASP.NET pages. Also, on the web server, you have to enable the ability to run either/both. If you are managing your IIS server, you can enable the roles as shown in the picture below.


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It's ASP that I'm trying to run. Not ASP.NET but I checked and I couldn't find any place to configure it. Where do I enable this?

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