Hi all i am creating a project in to which i will tell user to upload pdf all functionality is complited the problem is i have one image box where i have to show a first page of the pdf so anybuddy who knows how to convert foirst page of pdf into thumbnail Pleaese Revert ASAP
Thank you in Advance

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ABCpdf Professional will do this for you. It's a component for generating and manipulating PDF documents server-side from within ASP.NET and features a built-in image renderer.

You may notice Visual Studio display a dialog when you add ABCpdf as a reference. It'll warn you the component uses a higher version of the .NET framework than your project. ABCpdf makes use of frameworks newer than version 2.0, but only if they're available. So, you can safely ignore the warning and add it to your project.

The documentation includes example code written in csharp.

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hi affinemesh first of all thanks for reply

tell me the link from where i can get this abcPDF

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