Hi everybody,

I have a XML file having data stored in tags as

<Username>User name here</Username>
<Password>Password here</Username>

(There will be data of around 100 users)

I need to display this data in a HTML file in a tabular format.
Kindly help me.

Try creating an XSLT (XML style) file and most browsers will properly render the XM. There are lots of tutorials on the web on this. Hope that helps.

If you know javascript you could use Ajax. This will give you the ability of updating just those fields with out having to call the whole page if you wish.

Hi Gody,

You can use XSLT to format the pages like the way you want

Refer to http://www.w3schools.com/xsl/default.asp and find the formatting.

Remember to include the reference to your XSLT file you created in the xml

The sample xslt file will be like this...........

<h2>My page</h2>


MY Raw xml file before formatting was like this...

<?xml-stylesheettype="text/xsl" href="XSLTFile.xsl"?>
<Purpose>Sales Visist 1</Purpose>
<Purpose>Sales Visist 2</Purpose>
<Purpose>Sales Visist 3</Purpose>
<Purpose>Sales Visist 4</Purpose>

by Rajesh C Medackel, TVM, India