I am following a tutorial about how to use VS 2005 ASP.NET. I wonder what .NET Framework version is that?

Since I have to choose between 4.0 , 3.5 , 3.0 , and 2.0 .

There might be some difference right?

Which one should I choose for VS 2005 ASP.NET Tutorial?

My Machine is VS 2010 - yet I do not have the video tutorial.

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You can choose 2.0 for VS 2005.
3.5/4 for VS 2010

The framework version that you choose will need to be supported on the web server that you plan o hosting the web site on.

One more question that I would like to ask is there such a thing as ASP.NET manual ? PHP has a manual, what about ASP.NET ? I am just looking for a reference to learn ASP.NET

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