Hi guys,
If i have to give a short description about my skill set, i would say i am PHP developer. I have been coding in PHP for the past 4 years and its been an year and half that i have been using CodeIgniter. I loved it! I wanted to try something new, something that i haven't tried at all. I chose to wander a lil bit inside the java development. I am interested in learning Java desktop & web app development. I did a bit of a research, and am like WTF!! Now i know Java is multi-platform supporting lang unlike PHP.

I would like to from the two which one do you suggest? Eclipse OR NetBeans I found tons of tutorials for both and am confused which one is better and effecient.

Is their any easy to use java framework out there like CodeIgniter? I came an ocean of options. I know linkedin is developed on Play! framework and if you have may have noticed there are runtime logical errors in linkedin. I wanted to something other than Play!. Wat do you guys think about Spring MVC?

Is Java Web application development and Desktop App development totally different from the each other? I mean the programming part?

Thanks in advance! :D

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As for Spring, you should definitely try it. If you learn this, there are other languages too, that have implemented Spring (E.g. Delphi, C#).

for webapps, GWT is not too hard neither, or for desktop applications, you can learn a lot by getting to know Swing.

but if you are, like you say, just looking into Java without having any experience or knowledge about it, getting to know the language first might be a huge help.

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