Hi all, I wonder if you wonderful people can point me in the right direction??

I'm quite new to web programming, I'm OK at conventional C/C++ etc but just really getting into the whole webside thang. Anyway, I was wondering how I may solve the following.

I want to have a sensor (doesn't matter what type it is, let's say a temperature sensor). This sensor will read it's environment reporting on (in this case) temperature. (Let's say the circuitry has been buit and it's giving the data I need)

My question is

  • I want to convert the sensor output to a 3D graph (any ideas guys),
  • I want to be able to show the graph on PC/smartphones (so think a web interface the best approach - unless someone/anyone has better ideas and most importantly links)
  • I want to show the temperature change/graph in 'real time' (absolutly crucial) through the web interface .

I think, the conversion of the data would have to be done serverside. I'm thinking (and I may be wrong so please do correct)

Client side - Get sensor data
Client side - Transmit data
Server side - Convert data to graph
Server side - Transmit data/graph
Client side - Receive data
Client side - Show graph

If this were just a question of rendering a sensors data to a PC screen (self contained application) - I would feel confident to tackle it. However, I think where I'm getting stuck is the rendering/transmitting and displaying of the 3D images in real time using web technology, platforms and languages. If it helps, I am just picking up Php, MySql and python. I already know C/C++/VB and assembly.

I hope this makes sense, any starting points that you can give will be greatly appreciated
Jason :)

I think that for the client to access the sensor, you'll need to use something other than a webbrowser (if that's what you had in mind). It won't have access. I recommend a desktop application. Transmitting the data using a webservice can work just fine.

A lot of Javascript chart solutions already support getting a live dta feed from a server.

Hi @pritaeas, thanks for the reply. You are right, the 'sensor end' would have to use a desktop app (prob written in C/C++). I think where I'm getting stuck is the part between this desktop app and the download browser.

Thanks for suggesting that there is javascript stuff that will capture a live feed in real time (does anyone have link??) presumably this will also transmit a live feed of data?

You can have a look at HighCharts for example. And no, this won't transmit.

I think the easiest option to start with (communicating from desktop to server) would be a REST service. Basically you do a webrequest to that service using a plain URL to transfer the data. Like the DaniWeb API does.

Desktop app:
  Get sensor data
  Transmit data (webrequest to rest service)

  Convert data to graph (if necessary)
  Store in database

  Request/Receive data (same rest service possible)
  Show graph

Hmmmm, thanks @pritaeas, interesting. Looks like the sort of thing I'm after. Thanks for the links and defo food for thought

Best wishes

Hey Guys my name is Mark.According to that topic i search a list about tempreture sensor you can view that from here:


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